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Enbridge Pipeline Explosion in Lincoln County

August 2019: The pipeline rupture in Lincoln County, KY, was part of a line which also experienced a rupture near Morehead in 2003. The explosion occurred about 35 miles southwest of Lexington near Danville. The explosion killed one woman and sent six other people to the hospital.

According to the NTSB, the area near the Indian Camp mobile home community where the pipeline ruptured Aug. 1 had not been designated a High Consequence Area by Enbridge. High Consequence Areas are areas “where pipeline releases could have greater consequences to health and safety or the environment,” the report states.

NTSB Preliminary Report on Lincoln County Pipeline Explosion

Tennessee Gas (Kinder Morgan) Pipeline Project

As of late 2018, Kinder Morgan has announced plans to scrap the project saying it will continue to provide natural gas service. The pipeline travels through 18 Kentucky counties stretching from the Ohio state border in the northeast to the Tennessee border in the south.

Bluegrass Pipeline Project

Prior to the Kinder-Morgan/Tennessee Gas project, citizens challenged Williams Co and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners to build a pipeline for Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) from up in Pennsylvania and Ohio down to Hardinsburg, in western Kentucky. The route and installation was proposed to include stream crossings numbering in the hundreds, and would likely have been required to go under the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers. The project was originally proposed to be in operation by 2015 but was stopped by citizen advocacy. The project was declared “dead” by Marcellus Drilling News in early 2016.